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A Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

We thank you for letting The Birchwood of Beeville continue to take care of your loved one. We ask that you look over some new and old information to help keep you informed. Please also look at our activity events coming up to join us in some fun!

Resident Belongings:

Resident/Responsible Party shall update and initial the resident Inventory Form of resident personal belongings. Additions and deletions to the inventory sheet are the responsibility of the Resident/Responsible Party and should be brought to the attention of the nurse facility staff so that records are current. Large equipment must have a serial number marked by item.

Please label resident belongings with their full name.

EBP Information:

Don’t be alarmed. CMS has issued an infection control regulation for all long-term care facilities. The new regulation is for Enhanced Barrier Precautions (EBP). This means that staff giving high contact care to any resident that is at a higher risk of infection will be required to wear a gown and gloves during the care. This is both for that resident’s and all other residents’ well-being. This is JUST a precaution and does NOT indicate that a resident has an active infection.

Pet Visits:

Pet visits are allowed, but before your bundle of joy is allowed in the door you must provide proof of immunization. Animals must be on a leash or in a kennel.

Potential Safety Hazards:

Nursing Care Facilities are regulated, and we must keep our residents and visitors safe. Please remember that we are not allowed to have the following items in resident rooms: aerosol cans, knifes or other weapons, medication or over the counter meds without nurse knowledge/doctor order, razors/blades, abundance of glass items, sharp scissors, cleaning supplies, excessive number of papers, room deodorizers, egg crate mattresses and smoking material.

Also, electrical appliances such as coffee pots, toasters, electric blankets, heaters, hair dryers, curling irons, heating pads, or electronic ovens are not allowed in the resident room.

Team Member Shout Outs:

Our team members do an amazing job taking care of your loved ones. Show how much you appreciate them by utilizing the Shout Out board in the front lobby. They will be recognized on our Facebook page and given a prize for their hard work! Ask Christina, the concierge, for more information.