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Splash into Watercolor Month!


Watercolors are such a beautiful way to convey your feelings through painting, and offer many advantages over other types of media. Here are some of the best reasons to try watercolor painting:

It is easy – when compared to other types of painting, watercolor painting is really easy and you can expect better results in a very short time.

It is fast – there are certain techniques that you should learn in watercolor painting. Once you learn such techniques, you can do quick washes and spontaneous strokes. This is the beauty of watercolor painting. You may finish your piece in less than an hour and get satisfying results.

It does not smudge – as compared to charcoal and pastel, watercolor painting doesn’t smudge.

It dries quickly – in several minutes, your art piece is already dry. If you use oil paints for example, it could take days or even weeks before the piece dries completely.

‘Accidents’ can contribute to your creativity – you don’t have to worry about accidents during watercolor painting because it can “magically” develop into something beautiful. You can even start with wet paper and add paint to it and see what designs it can create.

Experts say that using watercolor is hard because the artist or painter can’t control it easily. For beginners, here’s good advice – let the watercolors do the work. Don’t interfere at first and see the designs it can create and start painting from there.

Creative tip: If you are hesitant to invest in a watercolor set, paints, paper, and brushes, look into trying watercolor brush pens. These pen sets are cost-effective, vibrant, fun, and easy-to-use for all artistic skill levels to create artwork similar to standard watercolors.